Scalable Internet Architectures by Theo Schlossnagle

Scalable Internet Architectures

Scalable Internet Architectures Theo Schlossnagle ebook
ISBN: 067232699X, 9780672326998
Publisher: Sams
Page: 288
Format: chm

James Strachan Says: October 9th, 2008 at 1:12 am. This month I present to you the amazingly good videos on scalability and scalable architectures. About | druckversion Print Version | Sitemap · Login Jimdo logout | Edit. Benjamin Erb (@b_erb) from Ulm University recently published his diploma thesis on "Concurrent Programming for Scalable Web Architectures". Scalable Internet Architectures Scalable Internet Architectures. Free website Pages to the People. Theo Schlossnagle gave an interesting lecture at Velocity 2011 on Scalable Internet Architecture. We also have four new reference architectures to help you build secure, scalable and highly available online stores. Rackspace has entered the Magento Hosting Partner program as a platinum partner. How to build the Web So what is shared-nothing architecture? Multi-dimensional, scalable, next-generation Internet architecture (QoS = quality of service) (credit: Ying Liu et al./ Phil. My friend Theo Schlossnagle has for many years run one of the most popular tutorials at ApacheCon, Scalable Internet Architectures. They cover real life scalability issues and solutions at YouTube, Twitter, LiveJournal and Wikipedia. Yesterday was the second and last tutorial day at OSCON. This is my list of takeaways from a very good talk by Theo Schlossnagle on things you should be thinking about when designing a system for large scale. 7 Responses to “Scalable Real-Time Web Architecture, Part 1: Stomp, Comet, and Message Queues”. Finally, you can find dozens (hundreds?) of books and on-line articles about SN within the context of scalable web architectures. My morning session was on scalable internet architectures which was presented by Theo Schlossnagle.

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